Supplement Formulation

Meet the Team!

Dietrich Johnson, PAS

Swine Consultant

Homestead, IA

(319) 430-3501

Kelly Keaschall, MS

Beef Cattle and Swine Nutritionist

Rock Falls, IL

(815) 441-8708

Dietrich earned a B.A. from Iowa State University in 1993, and a B.S. from Iowa State University in 1994.  He spent five years as a buyer in the pork division of a major U.S. meat packer.  Dietrich has been in the nutrition and production consulting business for the last 15 years, and has a vast knowledge of livestock production, health and nutrition.  Dietrich is a certified PQA 3 instructor and site assessment advisor.

Kelly received his M.S. from the University of Nebraska and has been in the feed and animal nutrition industry for over 30 years.  Although he grew up in Nebraska he and his family have settled in Illinois for quite some time.

Sean "Monty" Montgomery, Ph.D., PAS

Beef Cattle Nutritionist

Papillion, NE

(815) 499-7066

Monty earned his Ph.D. from Kansas State University where he conducted research with feedlot cattle in the areas of limit-fed growing programs, corn byproduct utilization, bovine respiratory disease, and the digestion of supplemental fat. Prior to earning his Ph.D., Monty worked in the cow-calf and stocker cattle industries in south central Kansas as well as a large scale commercial feedlot in southwest Kansas. Monty's practical experience in the beef cattle industry combined with his scientific training provides him the tools to develop and implement programs to improve the efficiency of beef cattle production. In addition to working with beef cattle producers in the United States, He has also provided consulting services to beef cattle producers in South America, North Africa, and Turkey. Monty is a member of the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists, the American Society of Animal Science, and the Plains Nutrition Council. Monty also serves as an adjunct professor with Kansas State University.

Tom Peters, Ph.D.

Beef Cattle Nutritionist

Oregon, IL

(815) 718-4657

Tom is a Minnesota native, but ventured to the University of Wisconsin to attain his B.S. however returned to the University of Minnesota to complete a Ph.D. in animal science.  Tom is well versed in both the feedlot and dairy industries, and is a highly respected Midwest feedlot consultant.

Mitch Schaefer, Ph.D., PAS

Beef Cattle Nutritionist

Decorah, IA

(507) 440-3259

Mitch grew up on a southeastern MN livestock and row crop farm.  After completing his B.S. at UW-River Falls, he attended the University of Wisconsin to attain his M.S. and Ph.D. in animal science.  While completing his degree, he conducted over 50 trials evaluating novel feed additives and feedstuffs, nutrition and management strategies, multiple Midwestern stocker trials, and even a Pacific NW coast grazing sheep trial.  His focus has been on growing and finishing beef cattle and feedlot Holsteins as well.  Mitch is a current member of the American Society of Animal Science, American Registry of Professional Animals Scientisits, and Plains Nutrition Council.    

Alex Titlow, MS

Beef Cattle Nutritionist

Peoria, IL

(309) 830-1373

Alex received a Master’s of Science degree from the University of Nebraska for his research with corn processing methods, co-products, and grazing research.  Upon completion of his graduate work he took a job with Western Feedlots Ltd in High River, Alberta.  Here he was the general manager of cattle production of a 100,000 head feeding operation.  In 2016 he made his way back to the Midwest working feedlots in the Midwest.  He enjoys working with producers on their nutrition and production consulting needs.  Alex also assists with closeout analysis and data modeling in order to drive data based decision making in clients operations.